Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

Japanese Cheesecake Recipe


433g soft cream cheese
1g salt
83g honey
80g butter
133g heavy cream
8 yellow yolks from Handsome Brook Farm eggs
.23tsp lime juice
Acitric acid
433g Handsome Brook Farm egg whites
150g sugar
½ cream of tartar (less than half a spoon)
80g flour
26g cornstarch


1. Put cream cheese, the first sugar, salt, honey, butter and heavy cream together in a bowl on top of the pot with water.
2. Pre-heat oven to 325
3. Melt and put all in blender
4. Blend until smooth
5. Add egg yolk
6. Add a pinch of acitric acid
7. Scoop back into bowl
8. Start mixing egg whites and cream of tartar in a clean bowl in the mixer (speed at 5)
9. Add half of the sugar into the egg white mix
10. Mix for 3 minutes
11. Add the rest of the sugar
12. Add 2 scoops of the egg whites into the other mix (the blender one that’s in bowl)
13. Whisk it until it loosens
14. Add the rest of the egg whites and flour until it becomes fluffy and one whole mix
15. Then pour into the pan with the deli sheets
16. Bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes with low fan and water the pan
17. Once the 1 hour and 10 minutes passes, leave the oven off for 30 minutes to bring down to room temperature slowly.


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