We’re cracking the way America eats.

Our Pastures

Here at Handsome Brook Farm, we take a modern approach to traditional farming methods. Instead of working with factory farms, we built a unique supply network of small, organic family farms that offers everyone—our hens, our farmers, and our consumers—a good deal. (Yay, supply chain!).

The proof is in the pasture.

The happier and healthier the hen, the tastier the egg—and a happy hen needs plenty of room to roam. While cage free birds may live more than 40,000 to a barn, our hens live 400 to an acre—a big, big difference that gives them the freedom to flap, flock, and forage to their hearts’ content.

108 square feet of pasture

The Hen Happiness Index

If you’re still not sure why pasture raised is the only way to go, see what it means to our hens.

caged chickens

Hens are cooped up and crammed into tiny cages. With no space or freedom, it’s no wonder they don’t produce great-tasting eggs.

cage free chickens
Cage Free

No cages, but loud, competitive, crowded barns that house more than 40,000 birds aren’t much better. Not exactly what we’d call free.

free range chickens
Free Range

It’s not much of a range—as little as 2 sq. ft. per hen, and grass isn’t a guarantee. At about half the size of your coffee table, it’s far from roomy.

pasture raised hens
Pasture Raised

Our American Humane certified 108+ sq. ft. of rotated pasture per hen is 50x freer than free range. That’s like going from a studio apartment to a mansion (butler not included).

Our Farmers

Open pastures and open hearts.

Our farmers don’t just care for their hens—they care about them, too. We work with farmers who go above and beyond by dedicating acres and acres of organic rotated pasture solely to their birds, giving frequent health checkups, creating special nesting areas, and more. And we know our farmers care because, well, farming is their livelihood and how they care for their families.

pasture raised chickens
handsome brook farm chickens

Not cage free or free range. Just free.

Our hens make the most of their wide open space, spending their days soaking up sunlight (aka Vitamin D) and scratching through the grass for fresh shoots, tiny bugs, and other tasty treats.

Wandering hens. Wonderful eggs.

Our secret to making rich, flavorful eggs is simple: lots of space, lots of love, organic nutrition, and a few bugs here and there. We make our hens’ lives better, and their eggs make your cakes, custards, and everything in between taste better.

handsome brook farm pasture raised eggs
handsome brook farmers
“Our chickens love being out in the sunshine, eating their natural diet in our large, fenced pasture. Growing for Handsome Brook allows us to have happy hens producing healthy eggs on our family farm.”
John Hostetler — Russelville, KY
Our System

It takes a better system to make a better egg.

We’ve always wanted to share our outstanding eggs with the masses without short-changing our farmers. So we did what folks said couldn’t be done: we built an industry-defying system that lets small farms play with the big (bad) factory farms.

their way
Their Way

More than 40,000 hens are crammed into a big, dimly lit warehouse where they sit, stand, and peck at each other. They lay eggs day in and day out, living a lackluster life of bland repetition.

handsome brook farm way
Our Way

We find farmers who share our values and standards and leave the farming to them. Together, we produce the same number of eggs as the other guys while giving our hens thousands of acres of pasture.

pasture raised egg

Fixing Our Food Chain.

A better food system is so close we can taste it. Every pasture raised, ethically sourced, farmers-market-quality egg is paving the way for big changes in the food industry. Our interconnected series of small family farms proves that it’s possible to produce better quality food with greater care and still thrive like crazy (just ask our farmers).

So even though things in the food industry are broken, we’re well on our way to fixing them for every person, farmer, and animal involved.

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